Friday, May 6, 2011


My mom gave me some much-needed advice yesterday: I need to take it easy.

I'm not very good at doing nothing. Last week I hiked like mad, tromped through the mud, busted my foot, and so on. And that's why I got so sick. It was confusing to feel a little bit healthier after the chemotherapy, because it seemed like I was suddenly just as strong as I've always been - but anything feels like perfect health compared to the four-month-long emotional and physical struggle of chemo.

So, yesterday and today were mostly about getting over the tail end of that flu: sleeping, drinking water, snuggling into a new sweater and breathing the steam from copious amounts of tea. But I did go on a very gentle bird-watching walk.

I've become a total hedonist lately, squeezing pleasurable experiences out of the moments when I'm not feeling terrible. I'd like to write about that, and also about more serious cancery things, but right now I'm relaxing. Mom's orders.