Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Almost too sleepy to type

Today I woke up in a state of serious worry. It was de-draining day.

I've learned that it can be much less painful to get chunks of your body removed than to get medical devices implanted. The two drains made the last few days miserable; every hour or so they'd get jostled and I'd feel a sharp, intense stab in my chest. Sleeping was really difficult, and it was made more difficult by all of the painkillers, which gave me awful dreams. I tried watching comedy shows before bed to get into a calmer state of mind - and spent the night fleeing nightmarish versions of Liz Lemon and company.

So, when I was told that I'd get my drains removed today in a process that would involve no anesthetic, I was pretty unhappy. Even if it meant that I could appear in public without looking like I was pregnant with something horribly wrong.

In preparation for the visit I got two extra-strength tylenols and two oxys "on board" (as the nurses say). Then I limped to the car and we traveled to the hospital. I'll spare you the details of what happened next, but the nurse was wonderful, I held my mom's hand, swore only a little, and suddenly the drains were gone! I could stand up! And breathe! YESSS!

Then my mom, fiance and I went out for a celebratory lunch. I ate salmon and drank a very rich hot chocolate. We chatted and watched the leaves of a silver maple flutter in the wind outside. I went home, sat down, and suddenly felt so exhausted. There was a blur of time and now it's almost midnight.

Time for sleep.