Monday, May 23, 2011


On Saturday morning we heard a weird knocking sound in our living room, like someone was hammering in morse code. I couldn't figure out what it was, but my fiance insisted that it was a woodpecker tapping on the house. I told him that this was ridiculous.

We went to the window. Sure enough, there was a little downy woodpecker trying his best to carve a hole into our shingles. Whaaaat.

Today we woke up early and went down to meet with the radiologist for the first time. I kept yawning -- my energy's still totally depleted from the surgery. Luckily my gentleman friend took notes. The radiologist was a huge nerd, which suited us just fine. She quickly adjusted her explanations once she figured out how much of the science we knew and didn't know. It was pretty impressive!

I'm going to get zapped with the same amount of radiation as a person would've gotten at Chernobyl right at the reactor over a span of ten minutes (but in a very localized way). This explains why it'll take the radiologist a couple of visits and a week of calculations before she feels comfortable putting me on the table. I'll be getting 33 treatments over a span of a few weeks.

The list of side effects sent my head spinning, but it's no worse than the side effects of all my other treatments. My body's been through an unbelievable amount of stuff.