Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Poked and prodded

The surgery yesterday went well. The IV placement didn't - I have bruises from many failed attempts - but after that it was smooth sailing. Sort of.

I had a consult with an anaesthesiologist about my sedation issues, and elected to go through it with just local anaesthetic and some benzos (a class of anti-anxiety drugs). Hardcore.

So once again I got under the sheet, and felt all manner of bizarre things. Sometimes the local failed, and I asked for more. A few times I asked for a bit more benzo and drifted into a warm fuzzy time. The local anaesthetic really failed during 'closing', and I felt a bunch of the stitching, but it really wasn't so bad - no worse than getting a mild injection. A nurse patted my head. All of the docs were incredibly nice and they listened to everything I said.

On the whole, it was nowhere near the horrible experience of port placement. I was pretty calm and comfortable. Of course, now I hurt like gangbusters.

This entry is pretty disjointed. I think I'm still woozy. Doop doop doop