Thursday, September 29, 2011

And now for a message from our sponsors

Here are some things that help me keep sailing. They're small things, but a day filled with small good things can be a really good day.

Jasmine silver needle tea. You can get some good stuff here. Just breathe in the steam and time stops.

Filthy Farmgirl soap. I've never had soap that smells this good before; it comes in a million flavors, each one more insanely nice-smelling than the last one, and covered in bits of spices and oatmeal and other tasty things.

Adora calcium tablets. My doc wants me to take calcium supplements, and they always gave me awful heartburn. Adora dark chocolate calcium with vitamin D was a revelation for me. The tablets taste exactly like dark chocolate, and melt slowly in your mouth just like it should. You have to remember to not eat all of them, or you'll die (happily?) of a calcium overdose.

Jeb Corliss grinding the crack. I watch this ridiculously bitching video too often. Well, I came extremely close on that one -- yes I did.