Monday, August 8, 2011

Help for a breast cancer man

On Saturday I wrote about a young guy who is being denied health care coverage because he's a male breast cancer patient. His name is Raymond.

I called Raymond's patient advocate, Susan, at the Charleston SC Cancer Center. She's a really warm, caring person, and she gave me some names of people to contact about his case. So, if you'd like to help Raymond, you can send an email to:
  1. The President Pro Tempore of the South Carolina Legislature, Glenn McConnell. You can send him an email using this handy form. EDIT: The form's not working, so please email his secretary at
  2. The Senior US Senator from South Carolina, Lindsey GrahamHere's his email form.
  3. South Carolina Representative Tim Scott. Unfortunately, Tim doesn't allow people who are not from South Carolina to use his email form. But you can give him a call.
Changing the situation politically is going to be (to put it mildly) an uphill battle. So, if you'd like to take more immediate steps, you can call Raymond's patient advocate Susan Appelbaum at the Charleston Cancer Center at 843-876-1353 or 843-819-0171. She's happy to have her contact info printed publicly.

Raymond and I were both diagnosed in our twenties, we both have only one sibling, and we both have moms who love the crap out of us. I consider it a personal act of help to me if you can give some help to him.