Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Everything is suddenly exploding at once. The funeral, friends in trouble, the stress of post-cancer, wedding madness... I can't even begin to write about it, but it's making me very slow to reply to emails, so I apologize for that. You don't even want to know the terrible soppy music I'm listening to right now.

As difficult as things have been, I've also had so many friends help out in the past few days, even though I'm dreadful at asking for help. We've even got a friend staying with us who is helping keep everything as even-keeled as possible. And the woman who runs the wedding venue is donating some of the food and alcohol because she has people close to her who've died of cancer. The math works out to lucky, really it does. Rargh.

Off to visit my friend who is in the hospital. Please think warm thoughts for a woman you've never met who is strong and smart and doesn't deserve this.