Saturday, February 25, 2012

We're too old, we're not old at all

This has been an eventful few weeks. I'm going to write about it very briefly so my OT doesn't get too mad that I'm typing.

We went on a honeymoon to the tropics, planned completely by my genius husband. It was unbelievable. We hiked in the rainforest, snorkeled over a crystal clear tropical reef, hunted frogs, and relaxed. I was trying to think of things I'd like to do before I die, and I feel like this trip checked off about six things from my list. Is it totally dumb to feel lucky after all of this? I feel so lucky. I have a lot to be grateful for.

Then I came home and had a job interview. I have no idea how it'll turn out, but it felt incredible to talk about my skills and imagine possibilities that have nothing to do with cancer. I was terrified -- this was a big step! After the interview was over, as the tension drained away and my husband and I were on our way home, I told him about the questions. When I got to the bit about them asking "Where do you see yourself in the next five years?", I burst into tears. Good thing that didn't happen in the interview.

I'm scared, but there's so much to explore, and there's so much coming up in the next few months. So I'm 90% hopeful and 10% terrified. Oh, and 10% cold virus, which I'm sure is making this post extra-loopy. So basically I'm excited, and absolutely dreadful at addition.