Friday, December 30, 2011

State of my bod

Things are going pretty well for me, body-wise.

Here's the best thing: my hearing is back! Or at least my brain's re-wired and I can't tell the difference. Either way, it's so great to go out for dinner and not hear all of those echoes and reverberations. I can't even begin to describe how happy this makes me. Go nerves! (Now please re-wire so that all subway cars smell like chocolate.)

I'm tolerating the Lupron pretty well, besides a bit more anxiety and three or four hot flashes a day. Because I'm rocking the Lupron so much, my oncologist and I have decided to add a new drug, Zometa. This one may help keep my cancer from spreading, and will also strengthen my menopause-weakened bones. In a few weeks I'll get the 15-minute infusion.

Adding extra drugs isn't everyone's choice; I'm grateful that my oncologist is keen to work with patients' different attitudes towards treatment. I'll probably post more about this decision later.*

Here are some more improvements: my mental functions are coming back. I'm feeling more comfortable, cognitively, and I can read science-y books without exhaustion. My gallbladder is much better. A few other chemotastic aches are also fading. My left arm is doing very, very well; the repetitive strain surgery seems to have been a huge success.

This means it's time for more surgery!

No, seriously. I'm getting my repetitive strain fixed in my right arm on January third. Wish me luck.

In the short term, I've picked up my husband's cold. Sorry, little virus, but you're not equipped to last long in here.

*Blogging about this new drug in the context of my attitude towards drugs in general? That's zo meta.